Event Design

Red river College Alumni Dinner

Tasked with creating a concept for Red River College’s Alumni Dinner the keywords family, community, history, sophisticated, elegant, the economy, and Manitoba were identified. From these words ‘Strenghtening Our Roots’ was selected as theme for the dinner.

The Winnipeg Elm

After researching possible imagery for the event the family tree was selected as a perfect symbol of family, history, the environment, and deep rooted/grounded strength. The elm (a symbol of Winnipeg)  was hand illustrated with pen and ink.

Printed Material

Complementing the old etching style of the elm and harkening back to old family history books and botanical documents the typeface replicates a classic engravers’ script. Colour is kept to a minimum with only the College’s trademarked red used to draw to eye and create visual focus. All documents where printed on a heavy linen paper to create a historical impression with the texture and weight.