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What do I do about daycare?

We have an on-site licensed daycare where we care for up to 64 infants and preschoolers. Your child will be close by and cared for by professionally trained Early Childhood educators.

Can I skip the personal development courses and just go straight into academic upgrading?

The short answer is No. Returning to school can be stressful and challenging for many adults who have been away from a school routine for many years.  Our participant’s success comes from taking small steps in getting themselves and their family ready for the challenges of academics. As a result of attending our personal development programs, many of our participants earn academic scholarships and awards as a result when they graduate with a Mature grade 12.

Do I need to purchase school supplies for my programs at Taking Charge!?

No. All of the items that you will need in order to be prepared for our classes will be provided for you. Binders, pens, pencils and paper and any materials you will need will be purchased for you by Taking Charge!

Do I have to know what my career choice is before I come to Taking Charge!?

No, we have many workshops that will help you to identify a career path and close support from your Career Counsellor to ensure you are making the best choice for you. Just being open minded about all the options is enough.

How long will it take to finish the program?

It depends on your situation. We have up to 2 years to assist you with getting ready for post-secondary training or the job market. Your plan with Taking Charge! will be part of an ongoing review between you and you Career Counsellor.

Is there a fee that I must pay when coming to Taking Charge! or Taking Jobs!?

 No. Taking Charge! is funded by the Province of Manitoba and is free for single parents (of any gender) and women who are job searching.

Is a referral required in order to access services and programs at Taking Charge!?

No, single parents and women can call us directly to access services.  If you are receiving employment & income assistance, your EIA worker will need to approve your request to attend Taking Charge!

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