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You Have the Power to Impact Someone’s Future, and We’re Here to Help You Do It!

Here at Taking Charge!, we are always looking for ways to build connections, and that includes relationships with community partners and volunteers. Your support is vital to our continued success and we greatly appreciate it.

Taking Charge! helps more than 200 single parents and women enter into a full-time education program each year to attain their Mature Grade 12 education while caring for their kids in a fully subsidized and licensed daycare called Taking Care!. Through personal growth programs, counselling, computer skill development, and educational programs, Taking Charge! prepares participants to enter the workforce through the Taking Jobs! Program, or continue on their education upon graduation.

If you are looking to volunteer or for a way for your business or organization to get involved, click on the links above to find out who to contact and more information.

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Carla’s Story

“Before Taking Charge!, it had been 24 years since I was in school. I had dropped out of grade nine when I got pregnant with my first child, because there weren’t any supports for single moms then. When my children were all in school I found out about Taking Charge! through my Employment Income Assistance program, and decided to try it- before then I had been working odd jobs and knew I was good at electrical work, but didn’t have any certifications and didn’t think school was for me.
In Rediscovering Myself, where we talked about ourselves, our past, and our future and where we wanted to go. We learned that our own trauma and experiences could be triggering for others in the group, so we had a safe word in case we needed to stop. The Taking Charge! Staff was great at helping us understand our strengths and how those could match up with future goals through personality and aptitude tests, and then figuring out a path to get there. Taking Charge! helped me realize that no matter what challenge was in front of me, I could do it. They helped accommodate my schedule and because I dedicated myself, was given the awards and accolades for perfect attendance. I learned that I was smart. I had no idea how much drive I had before this, but decided that you get 100% of what you put in and so I did and I did really well in my classes because of that, even getting 92% in Applied Math. I’m getting ready to join Red River College’s Introduction to Trades program, and I can’t wait. Every time I go by the campus I get the same feeling I got when I was joining a new program at Taking Charge!, I’m so excited. I’m showing my kids, and my grandkids that education is important. I’m showing them that it is ok to dream and with dedication and commitment to education you can achieve just about anything. Taking Charge! offered the support and guidance I needed to become the hero of my own story.
If I could tell Taking Charge! anything, it would be a huge thank you. They helped me open up my eyes to not be afraid and go out and do it.”
– Carla, Taking Charge! participant

Our Donors

Thank you to the following donors and supporters whose generosity allows us to support single parents and women in our community. 

  • Government of Manitoba
  • City of Winnipeg – Building Sustainable Communities
  • Winnipeg Foundation
  • United Way
  • Assiniboine Credit Union
  • Jewish Foundation – Women’s Endowment Fund
  • Government of Canada – Women and Gender Equality Canada 
  • Pivot Turn Consulting Inc. and Sherpa Marketing Adopt-a-Business Challenge.

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