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Group photo of the Taking Charge! staff in the main lobby

Our Organization

Taking Charge! helps more than 200 single parents and women enter into a full-time education program each year to attain their Mature Grade 12 education while caring for their kids in a fully subsidized and licensed daycare called Taking Care!. Through personal growth programs, counselling, computer skill development, parenting programs, and educational programs, Taking Charge! prepares participants to enter the workforce through the Taking Jobs! Program, or continue on their education upon graduation.

A Holistic Approach: 

The service model at Taking Charge! is facilitated by a team of social service workers and educators in a supportive and caring environment. The team strives to serve the participants by meeting many of their needs for social, emotional, intellectual and physical health.

Our History

Taking Charge! began in 1995 as a joint pilot project between the Federal and Provincial governments.  Lloyd Axworthy and Bonnie Mitchelson had a vision that single parents could be supported to find employment with the assistance of Taking Charge! Taking Charge’s intent was to break down the barriers for single parents who wish to enter the workforce by providing daycare, education, and financial support. In 2000, it marked the end of the pilot program with the federal and provincial governments. Since then, the Province of Manitoba became the sole funder of programs and services.

In 2020, Taking Charge! celebrates 25 years of providing quality service to single parents (of any gender) and women in Winnipeg. Our programs have evolved over time and now have a strong focus on preparing single parents and women to complete their mature grade 12 to continue in post-secondary education to support their families. An employment stream is available for women who wish to enter or re-enter the labour market through Taking Jobs!, a 64-space daycare is available on-site to provide care for children five years of age and under while their parents are in programming.

276 Colony Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1W3

Charitable Registration Number:
899129068 RR 0001

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Funded by the Government of Manitoba