Taking Charge! Is excited to announce Stephanie Bevacqua as the new Executive Director. Bringing a wealth of expertise to her role at Taking Charge!, particularly in cultivating relationships, she has a strong background in fundraising, community engagement, communications, strategic planning, budgeting, and program planning. This diverse skill set is a valuable asset to the Taking Charge! team.

Drawing from her own life experiences, her empathetic approach and compassionate leadership, these skills will enable her to guide the organization in assisting women and single parents in rediscovering their path to success and fulfillment. 

Stephanie’s journey began with the challenging experience in her life when she was 11 years old. Unaware of its impact, she soon found herself grappling with emotional turmoil and struggling academically. High school became a place of discontentment as she questioned the purpose behind her education and felt disengaged from the content being taught. Adding to her difficulties, those around her doubted her potential for success due to her underperformance in school. However, Stephanie refused to let their negative remarks define her. 

“This infuriated me,” she recalls. “Though there were moments when their words affected me, they more often fueled my determination to prove them all wrong.”

The turning point came when Stephanie enrolled in post-secondary education, opening up a new world of possibilities. During this time, she discovered her passion for helping families thrive and graduated with Bachelor of Human Ecology in Family Social Sciences. Her previous work experience with not-for-profit organizations like Klinic and the Winnipeg Humane Society has honed her abilities and deepened her understanding of the sector and leadership abilities. Excited to be part of a passionate and dedicated team, Stephanie is eager to contribute her knowledge and passion to Taking Charge!’s mission as the new Executive Director.