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Taking Charge! Programs and Services


For many of Taking Charge!’s participants beginning the process of academic upgrading or re-entering the workforce while also raising a family can seem overwhelming. That’s why Taking Charge! has created programs to help make sure their foundations are solid.


Taking Charge! is a certified Adult Learning Centre that provides services in education assessment and upgrading for participants looking to receive their high school diplopma or prepare for post-secondary education.


Taking Charge! is proud of the important work it does and the success of its grads but it can’t do it alone. Community partnerships and donors who believe in  the vision are valued members of Taking Charge!’s team.


Children are our most precious treasure and Taking Charge! is committed to creating a learning environment where kids are kept close to their parents. Taking Charge! provides a full, on-site daycare for those students who need to access childcare while involved in Taking Charge!

276 Colony Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 1W3

Charitable Registration Number:
899129068 RR 0001

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Funded by the Government of Manitoba